Visiting Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is the ideal destination for visitors of all ages and interests. Its modern infrastructure, numerous entertainment facilities and wonderful natural sights make Vallarta the perfect vacation spot for a wide range of visitors, from families to couples, spring breakers and adventurous types.

Whether you are in search of a quiet relaxing time at the beach or the excitement and adventure of extreme sports, there is something for everyone. Are you here only for a day from one of the many cruise ships? No problem, after a short taxi ride from the port you will soon find yourself wandering around old town, with its abundance of shops, arts and crafts and markets to delight you. Sit and watch the world pass you by; enjoy the beautiful beaches tasting the local cuisine and international gastronomy in the many restaurants and cafés.

The charm of the city, the friendliness of its people and its numerous attractions have made Puerto Vallarta one of the leading Mexican vacation destinations.